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What Do You Want To Do?

Invent a way to help together or go to a suggested event

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Meet People. Help The World

Meet them while doing something good

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Help The World
Do you want to discover new ways to help?
Get in contact with associations and nice people?
Join our community!
We are people who want to change the world, one small step at a time.
What could you do? The choice is yours.
Help refugees, give soup to homeless people, pet abandoned dogs,
the possibilities are endless, you can also suggest your own way to help!
You don't have to do something big, it can also just be
"Talk a walk and smile to every stranger"!
Every small step counts!
Meet People
Having drinks with superficial strangers is not your favorite way of meeting new people?
On our App you will find passionate and dedicated humans.
It doesn't matter what you're looking for, friends, love, or free coffee,
with TheNiceOne you will meet great people,
and you'll get to know each other while helping others.
You know this feeling you got when you do something good for a stranger?
Now imagine sharing this feeling at the same time with someone you like!

Don't wait, the world needs you! Join us!

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Start up

Sign up with the app takes 3 seconds! No Facebook account required.
Then simply browse profiles et find someone you like! It's free!

How do you want to help?
When you'll browse the profiles of our users, you will see how they want to help.
You can then suggest them an activity that you think they'd like.
If you don't have any ideas, don't worry! The community is always posting interesting stuff to do, just join the event and you're all set!

Meeting People

Found someone you like? Agreed on an activity to do? What is it, baking cakes for homeless people?
Whatever it is, it's now time to meet! Pick a time, get ready and start changing the world!

Are you piggybacking the refugees crisis as a way to advertise your product?

Yes, of course.

Does installing this App will make me happier?

Yes, in 1964, a study of to the eminent Dr. Rastapopulos of the famous Polytechnic University of High Science of Zimbabwe followed 1 000 001 users of TheNiceOne for 10 years
and found out that TheNiceOne users were 19% happier than the control group (p-value > 42 and escape velocity = 30 000 km/h).
After App installation, amount of endorphin also increased by at least 516%, and ocytocin by 256%.

Am I really helping the world by installing that app?

There's a 4000 years old prophecy claiming that Jesus will come back to earth when TheNiceOne will have been downloaded 1 million times.
We are scientists so we can't really give much credit to it, but according to Pascal's wager we have everything to gain by believing it.

Will my ex come back with me if I install it?

No, probably not, it's just an Android App, not a miracle!